TC Services is committed to providing the highest quality janitorial and facility services in the State of South Carolina. Let us handle your routine janitorial cleaning and your special services, like hard floor care, carpet cleaning, and pressure washing. TC Services is a CIMS-GB certified with Honors company, that means you can trust that our people and processes are industry leading. Save time and money by bringing all of your janitorial needs under one vendor.

All chemicals TC Services uses are hospital grade or meet criteria for Green Seal/Ecologo certification.  TC Services has also formed strategic partnerships for furnishing our service team with the best supplies and materials to meet the needs of our customers.  Our strategic partnerships provide us with opportunities to test and utilize the newest technologies available to the cleaning industry.

Our cleaning equipment program is designed specifically for the LEED certification program.  Everything
from high speed buffers with dust control to HEPA vacuum cleaners that meet Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) standards are part of our program.

If any additional equipment is necessary, we are able to purchase equipment through our distributor agreements.  As a part of these agreements, TC Services' equipment has warranties, repairs and maintenance agreements in place.  All major equipment is scheduled for quarterly preventive maintenance and will be repaired as needed at other times.  The site supervisor or area manager on a monthly basis will inspect all equipment and any repairs are scheduled immediately.  Any equipment with repairs that will cause unsafe or OSHA issues will be tagged and removed from service until repaired.  When a piece of equipment becomes unrepairable, and is void of its Green Seal or Energy Star Certification, it is replaced with new equipment.

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